Our History



Robert Hawkins, founder of Vulcano studied Art at the National Art School, Sydney.

Prior to establishing Vulcano, Robert travelled extensively throughout Asia and the Middle East. During his time abroard, he was a volunteer teacher of ceramics in India with the Khadi Commission and at Nyumba Ya Sanna in Tanzania. 

Hand Made - Back of Tile produced Vulcano Clay

Hand Made - Back of Tile produced Vulcano Clay


Upon his return to Australia, Robert began a 12 year career as an exhibiting ceramic artist and teacher in Sydney.

In 1991, Robert's deep appreciation of aesthetics, culture, design, technology and humanity were combined to form 'Vulcano Clay' a bespoke design studio that made and distributed beautiful hand made tiles throughout Australia.

In 2002,  Vulcano expanded into marble mosaics, establishing a factory in X'ang An, Fujian, China and exporting into Europe, the USA, South Africa and Australia.


Today, Vulcano through a network of international partners, sources premium marble, ceramic, porcelain, glass and oak products from all over the world. 

Establishing a reputation for quality,  Vulcano is recognised as a preferred partner and supplier to Architects, Designers and Retailers across Australia.